Phil is a Tech Co-Founder and Enterprise Transformation Lead,  motivated by working with awesome people and agile teams at all scales, building great software products and amazing services that make people’s lives better. Combining financial savvy, commercial acumen, product focus, customer vision and an agile mindset, Phil has the flexibility and adaptability to operate at any level of complexity. Now leading a Credus Partners, a Strategic Agility Consultancy which helps organisations to intentionally think about and design how they deliver customer value continuously. And get better at it.

Knowledge Work Gemba Engineering is our forte!

Credus focus on two core service offerings that require deep client engagement to to create resilient organisations, that In the face of exploding complexity, need to change how they identify, create and deliver value. Credus bring customer insights, data analytics and technology together to ensure your brand remains competitive.

Organisational Agility Design

Agility is your Strategic advantage – how “agile” you want to be requires rethinking your business holistically. Credus work with you to co create the agile adoption strategy that makes sense in your context – visions, strategy, structures, roadmaps, transition plans. We will create a solution unique to you drawing from a multitude of frameworks, patterns, practices and processes designed with your organization in mind.

Agility Transformation Execution

You have your Agility Strategy – now you need to live it. The days of separating Strategy from Execution are gone. Time is too short and the world is moving too fast. Credus work with you to co-design a fit for purpose agile implementation plan and ‘playbook’. We partner with you over the longer term to implement your strategy using our patented Agility Adoption Framework. We share in the risk and reward of your success – by having skin in your game.

My motto is “be contrarian by making the complex simple”.


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