Heart of Agile Framework NOW Available

Credus Partners are pleased to announce that Phil Gadzinski, has recently been approved as an accredited partner of the Heart of Agile Meta-Framework.

Alistair Cockburn, one of the original signatories of the Agile Manifesto:

“Agile has become overly decorated. Let’s scrape away those decorations for a minute, and get back to the center of agile.”

When encouraging getting back to the center of agile, I found I kept emphasizing four things:

– Collaborate
– Deliver
– Reflect
– Improve

Credus are now be offering a variety of learning and organisational design creation  opportunities, in conjunction with our delivery and training partners, for several audiences. This includes:

Organisational, Team and Work Re-Design

Organisations need to rethink how to

observe, think, understand & act

in this new world so they can stay relevant in the face of increasing digitization and competition to survive and thrive. 

Credus help our clients in re-designing their organisation to be agile is a strategic choice. Decide how agile you want and need to be and re think your  organisation to enable and support that goal across everything you do.
Credus Partners provide the path to Solve this problem

Training for executives and leaders

A short but intense day for executives and senior managers, to encounter one of the founders of the Agile movement. Part of the Heart of Agile sequence, this is a workout day, starting with a fresh description of Agile development, scraping off the barnacles that have grown on it over the years, taking it back to its fundamentals. The day proceeds with high-energy, timed activities that pit teams against themselves and their preconceptions of how to work, activities that give the feeling and power of agile development done well. The day concludes with a roundtable discussion, applying the insights gained to real company situations.

The outcome for executives and leaders is to be able to ask the right questions of their teams; know when to stand back and when to lean in; and most importantly role model the behaviours that they want to see – the behaviours necessary to enable agility at an enterprise level .

Training for teams and individuals

An exciting, informative day for all roles and at all levels, learning the Heart of Agile from one of the creators of the Agile movement.

We combine theory which is tailored to your scenario, accompanied by fast-moving activities that involve cooperating, developing, drawing, sharing, in short, being agile. We facilitated\ small-group discussions to work out what to do with all the insights from the day. Set your organization’s expectations for agile adoption, create a shared experience for everyone to refer back to, ask difficult questions of one of the founders of the agile movement.

Please contact us for further information or to receive a training outline.



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